Get Enthusiastic about Your Indoor Fitness!

Imagine having beautiful scenery on your large screen TV while you exercise. You'll be inspired by moving images from around the world. Customers tell us that our Cycling Scenery DVDs and HD Downloads motivate them to use their exercise bikes with a sense of purpose. Indoor exercise does NOT have to be boring. In fact, with beautiful, well-filmed footage, you can tailor your personal daily exercise to actually be FUN!

You've seen our beautiful High Definition stock footage featured in documentaries on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, A&E, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the BBC. Now, you can have the same type of beautiful footage for your virtual bike ride in your own home! For the past twelve years, VITA Digital Productions has traveled the world filming High Definition cycling and bike scenery videos in beautiful and historic locations.

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What Sets VITA DVDs Apart

Many of the DVDs you see advertised today focus on the serious cyclist. That's well and good for that market, and we applaud them. But what about the rest of us? What about those of us who want to lose weight, tone up, or simply get a nice smile from our cardiologist on that next doctor's visit? We actually have you in mind when we film our VITA Cycling DVDs.

Let's face it - not everyone is in training for a 50 mile bike race. Instead, a great many of us simply want to be healthier and feel good about ourselves.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Doreen says, "'s magical. Just stunning. You've chosen your locations perfectly. I've never been so eager to have someone else travel in my I can get my hands on your creative product."

Janice says, "Love the County Clare, Ireland! I am spending significantly more time on my exercise bike."

And Deb says this about our DVDs: "Thanks again for being there for people like myself who need you! Thank you so much."

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